Expenses simplified.

Redefine how you manage your company expenses.

Enable staff to spend without losing management control and oversight. Budgets can be set flexibly making business spend predictable, visible and insightful. Real time data helps drive better expense policies and accurate budget forecasts help avoid nasty month-end surprises. Integrate with your preferred business accounting tools for seamless reporting and simple expense account management and book keeping.

Control employee spending

Individual card for each employee funded any time, anywhere. Budgets are approved upfront

Painless bookkeeping

Real time bank data, no lost receipts, no late reports, no wasted time. Easy export to your business accounting system

Get total oversight

Track expenses and petty cash in real time getting insight into who is spending what, when.


Reduce Risk

Secure spending with individual business MasterCards

  • No personal liability
  • Reduce risks of handling cash
  • Requests identify potential out of policy spend ahead of time
  • Audit trail gives total visibility and accountability reducing maverick spend and eliminating fraud

Save time

Reduce administration headaches across your workforce

  • Capture receipts on the go – smart scanning means no lost receipts
  • No manual data dentry, no more mistakes on reports, no time wasted on reconcilation
  • No need to submit expense reports. No waiting for reimbursement
  • Staff are never out of pocket

Mobile Solution

Manage business cash and expenses anytime, anywhere

  • Simple budget request management
  • Seamless management across all your devices
  • Transfer money instantly anywhere in the world

Smart Compliance

Empower staff to spend responsibly

  • Policy driven, flexible spend control
  • Enable staff to spend withough losing management control and oversight
  • Smart data insight helps drive better business decisions

Centralised Control

Make business spend visible and controlled

  • See who spent what, where and why in real time at individual, team and group levels
  • Be totally in control of cashflow
  • Transfer funds only when needed
  • Recall unspent funds

Simple Management

Seamless integration with other tools for simple bookkeeping

  • Manage spend categories and link to specific projects or clients
  • Never wast time searching for lost receipts
  • Automatic reconciliation of receipts and card transactions to avoid duplication
  • Connect to your other business account systems for seamless management

Save time and money

Managing petty cash and employee expenses costs businesses more than they think. Levima helps control spend without compromising simplicity, security or affordability

Annual cost to UK businesses due to mishandling petty cash.

1 in 4

Employees admit cheating on expense claims

1 in 10

Staff say their expenses are never queried or checked.

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How it works.

1 Simple set up

Sign your business up & get individual cards for each employee. Levima Business MasterCards provide a smarter and more secure solution than a business credit card

2 Set budgets upfront

Establish and reinforce limits of acceptable spend and eliminate maverick spend. Upfront approval means no more unknown credit risk and any out of policy spend is identified ahead of time (no more nasty month-end surprises)

3 Spend securely

Wherever employees need to spend on business accounts they can do so safely and securely with Levima prepaid business MasterCard

4 Real time spend insight

Employees can use the app to record receipts at time of purchase and link them to their calendar, assigning costs to trips, projects and clients. Smart scanning automatically reads receipts so there is no need to manually enter data and no more lost receipts. Total accuracy in reporting, no late reports, no lost receipts, no manual data entry.

5 Report and integrate

Review spend in real time. Discover trends, predict cashflow, see actual cost of business by project or clients helping you identify true value and opportunities. Integrate to accounting tools like Xero and save time for your bookkeeper

About us

We run businesses too and feel the pain that bad processes and bad technologies can have on your efficiency, bottom line and even happiness. Everything we do here at Levima is designed to make your business life easier.

Our mission

  • Radically redesign business services, making administration cheaper, better and faster for small businesses and teams
  • Always design with simplicity for users in mind and seamlessly integrate with all your other business tools.
  • Free up money, resources and attention to help put it back to the really important work. Your Business.